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For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Important Things to Consider When Selling a Home in Hickory, NC

SETTING THE PRICE What is your home really worth? Just because your neighbor’s house that is very similar to yours sold a couple of years ago for a given price doesn’t mean your house should sell for the same price. Do you know why? Do you know how to find comparable sales and listings in the Hickory, NC area and make appropriate adjustments for square footage, improvements, location, and amenities? Do you know the most you can get and still have your home appraise for that figure? What happens if your home does not appraise for the contract amount? What happens if you receive multiple offers? Are you prepared to pay a commission to a buyer’s agent? An experienced real estate professional will guide you through these and other questions. Statistics show that homes listed with a licensed REALTOR® sell for more than those that are sold without one and that sellers put more money in their pockets even after paying a commission!

MARKETING In today’s connected world 90% of all home sales start with an online search. Do you know how to get your home exposure on the internet? Facebook and Instagram might help but only if one of your “followers” or “friends” is looking for a house like yours or happen to know someone who is. Even if you built your own website how would you generate views through the popular search engines? Sites like Zillow, Trulia, and get their information directly from the multiple listing services. They allow buyers to search by location, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and a host of other features – and that is what buyers want to do. Only licensed brokers can list a home in the MLS (multiple listing service). Do you know how to stage and professionally photograph your home so that it looks its best in the pictures? What are the simple tricks to give your home the best “curb appeal?” A licensed REALTOR® in greater Hickory, NC is the only one that can help you navigate these issues and generate maximum exposure to potential buyers.

TIME Are you available to meet potential buyers at their convenience? Are you available 24/7 to schedule showings? Can you be there when needed for appraisals, inspections, and repairs? Studies show that those who attempt to sell their own house must devote an average of 10 hours each week to that effort. Are you prepared to do that? Is your schedule flexible enough to meet a prospective buyer at their convenience? A licensed REALTOR® will be there for you to show your home and to schedule showings, appraisals, inspections and all the other visits necessary to complete a sale.

KOOKS, CREEPS, TIRE KICKERS and FLIPPERS How do you know if a potential homebuyer in Hickory, NC is for real? Or financially qualified? Do you feel secure in letting unaccompanied strangers into your home? How do you weed out those people that are just curious about your house, or investors that will only make low-ball offers, or worse, the criminal that is just “casing the joint?” If you list your property with a REALTOR® they will vet prospective buyers and ensure that only legitimate buyers are allowed into your home – and only if accompanied by a licensed real estate professional.

NEGOTIATION Are you prepared to drive a hard bargain? Do you understand the issues other than price? What is a Due Diligence Period? What is Due Diligence Money and how is it different from Earnest Money? How much Earnest Money and/or Due Diligence Money should you require? What repairs must you make? What are lender-required repairs? What difference does it make as to the type of loan a buyer is getting? Would you feel comfortable answering questions of a buyer’s lender, appraiser, inspector or contractor? What does it mean for a seller to pay some or all of a buyer’s closing costs? How can you help with closing costs and it not come out of your pocket? Are you flexible on the closing date? What is a Sellers Possession After Closing or a Buyers Possession Before Closing? This is what REALTORS® do. They negotiate for you to get top dollar and the most favorable terms available for you.

LEGAL Only contracts that are in writing are enforceable. Who’s going to prepare your written contract? What disclosures does the law require you to make? Why does it matter if your house was built before 1978? Do you know if the mineral, oil or gas rights have been severed from your title? Who gets to choose the attorney to handle the closing? What does “time is of the essence” mean? What are the tax reporting requirements? Where do you get the proper contract and disclosure forms? Who is going to explain them to you and help you fill them out? Licensed REALTORS® in the Hickory Metro area are trained to do all of this with you and for you.

Statistics show that homes listed with a REALTOR® sell faster and with a higher net return to the seller than those that are FSBO. The qualified professionals at Osborne Real Estate Group in Hickory, NC will help you set the right price and terms, will advise you on preparing your home for sale, will aggressively market your home with the latest technology, will save your precious time, will filter out the unqualified and unscrupulous potential buyers, will zealously negotiate on your behalf, and will walk you through all the legalities! Call them today.

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