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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

How to Choose the Perfect Real Estate Agent in Hickory, NC

At Osborne Real Estate Group, we aim to be the best fit for all our clients in the Hickory, NC area real estate market. Most firms employ a “one size, fits all” approach when handling their clients and put all their buyers and sellers through the same standard operating procedure during all aspects of the real estate transaction. However, we understand that no person, situation, or transaction is ever identical to the next. Our firm makes it a point to recognize each of our client’s unique situation and tailor our methods to meet that person’s individual needs.

When looking for an agent, it is best to do a little research first. We are more than willing to share our clients with past client testimonials and experience reviews. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you are about to embark on what could be a long and stressful journey – you need to make sure that you find an agent that is going to be with you every step of the way. This is a time to “go with your gut,” when you get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Here is our advice to you – make sure your real estate agent checks the following boxes.

EXPERIENCE: While we pride ourselves on our experience in the greater Hickory, NC market, you always want to make sure that you are choosing the real estate agent that works best with you and is going to work the hardest for you. This chemistry and work ethic are not always something that comes hand in hand with experience. You and your real estate agent are going to be spending a lot of time together – it’s important to find an agent that you enjoy working with.

CORE VALUES: Honesty and transparency are paramount in finding a quality agent. Find an agent that has your best interests at heart. You will be entering several stages of negotiations and undergo a lot of back and forth before most deals can be put together. Be sure that your agent is relaying information in an accurate and efficient manner and not just trying to secure a deal. It is typically easy to tell whether an agent is more concerned with the profits than the people. Pay close attention to dialogue when you first meet. How does that agent engage you and are they asking questions and providing you the information necessary to protect your interest down the road?

COMPASSION: Depending on what circumstances you are going through, buying or selling a home can either be the most exciting or stressful event of your life. Regardless of what is motivating you to buy or sell, the agent you choose should understand your situation. If your agent is not as enthusiastic or compassionate about your purchase/sale then it can likely lead to a more stressful or much less exciting experience. Interview an agent and see if they share your same personality, emotions, and outlook. Tell them your story and be mindful of their reaction. We are here to help!

COMMUNICATION: During the buying or selling process, communication is arguably the most important factor to a successful transaction. Be sure to find an agent that provides the tools and resources necessary to find homes in a timely manner. Being in a fast-paced market, it is crucial to see properties as soon as possible – nothing is worse than missing an opportunity because of an agent who dropped the ball. Make sure your agent understands how you want to be communicated with and is willing to adapt to your preferred methods. If communication feels strained, it may not be the best fit. You will spend many hours speaking with your agent – exchanging numerous emails and messages throughout the process. Being comfortable with who you are communicating with can be just as important as anything else.

SUPPORT: Make sure your agent has a support staff. Do they have a team? If not, do they have a partner in their brokerage firm that can cover for them in emergencies? An agent who has adequate support can offer a much higher level of customer service. As Realtors, we work with many different clients at the same time and on occasions, meetings and showings may overlap. Be sure your agent is equipped to handle these circumstances.

Lastly, it’s important to understand that because you have a friend or relative that sells real estate, does not always mean that they will make the best fit for you. Regardless of who you decide to work with, research your agent. Google them, search for their website, interview them and ask for previous client testimonials. Make sure that your agent is an active, full-time real estate agent – a part-time agent may not be able to stay on top of market trends, understand the ever-changing procedural requirements and act on the behalf of your best interests if they have other obligations.

It’s our job to help you find your dream home in the greater Hickory, NC area!

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